Friday, July 23, 2010

Why doesn't anyone seem surprised....

Most everyone is saying "they knew it was just a matter of time"...or "Only surprised it didn't happen sooner"

SGG and I (along with my son and her two boys) are getting married.  We've chosen a date, September 18, 2010.  Just a small ceremony with family only, then a larger reception later.

The picture above was taken two weeks ago at Bear Island/Hammocks Beach State park.  The island is in the Outer Banks chain near Jacksonville, NC.  It offers a ferry to take people over to the beach, but services there are limited/primitive.  The camping is awesome.  The views are awesome.

Since that weekend I have been moving.  Packing, moving, cleaning, packing, moving, cleaning....endless repeat.  Practically everything is out of the old house now.  There is still so much to do.  GRRRRR.

Enjoy the pictures below!


Sunday, July 04, 2010

News -----

My son is with his mom in NC for the summer.  He called last week with this abbreviated version of the conversation follows:

Brandon:  "Dad, tell my mom to let me pick the ticks off of me by myself."

Me:  "You have a bunch of them?"

Brandon: "Yes, and she wants to check me for more and pull them off."

Me:  "Ok.  She is your mother you know.  Where did you get the ticks?"

Brandon:  "Down in the woods by the dried up creek."

Me:  "Did you have fun?"

Brandon:  "Yes, we had a great time."

Me:  "You know if you wear bug spray, it will help keep the ticks off you in the first place."

Brandon:  "I know Daaaaddddd."

(Nice to see things never change)

Me:  "Well, I think that you should have no problem pulling them off yourself, but there are places you can't see and your mom is going to have to check those.  It is a good compromise and one I think you are going to have to submit to so start thinking about it."

Me:  "Ok, let me talk to your mom."

Me:  " I think he is old enough to pull the ticks himself.  He does it here with no problem.  I told him that there are places that he can't see/get to, and that he should let you check those places, as embarrassing as it may be.  It is a good compromise and you shouldn't have any problem with him submitting."

His Mom:  "Thank you"

The next night I called to see how it all went.

Brandon:  "Well we got the ticks off and my mom won't let me go in the woods anymore."

Me:  "Ok, did you let your mom check you for more ticks?"

(he responded MOSTLY jokingly...)
Brandon:  "Yes.  I told her that I hope she gets Alzheimer's and that memory is the first to go."

On another front, another long term relationship has come and gone, or maybe it has gone through a metamorphosis.  More on that soon.