Wednesday, July 03, 2013

College for a week...

...or as my son says "CFAW".

After my son didn't call me the first night like he was supposed to and I tried to call and text him...he sent me this text the second night..."Hey sorry I got kinda caught up, I'm doing fine, lots of interesting people here."  :-)  

So Brandon had a great week at Virginia Tech, sleeping in the dorm, talking with all the other people there, eating in the dining hall, exploring the campus and exploring life in general.  The program was supposed to give the students an idea of what first year life was like in the Architecture and Design program at Virginia Tech and show them how to develop and harness their creativity with regards to architecture and design.  I come from a much more rigid background and was absolutely fascinated by the way they worked with the students.  Exploring thoughts and ideas with no right or wrong.  The professor made me want to come back next year. He said I was welcome to.  Brandon loved interacting with the Master's and PHD candidates that were there to help.  Brandon was up after midnight every night, and I think he only ate pizza.  Not at all unlike my first quarter at Virginia Tech back in 1987.

Brandon and I spent the rest of the weekend in Amherst County playing disc golf around Lynchburg, driving lessons, and exploring.  

The fireflies in Amherst were so plentiful that the forest looked like it was strung up with green Christmas lights.  I was just in awe staring at the trees at night.