Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dogs, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes.....

So, so much to catch up is pretty crazy and when it isn't SGG and I collapse.

Did I say crazy?  Because in the insanity we got a dog.  His name is Blaze (Blaze-O, Blazer) and he is part Border Collie and part Black Lab.  He is a year old and we got him from the SPCA.  SGG said he looked adorable, I said he looked mischievous, I was right.

The dog is a very smart, energetic and lovable dog.  The dog is very energetic.  Did I mention he was energetic?  The dog also doesn't come when called.  That means that when he gets out we have a neighborhood meeting and everyone has to get involved.  There is a lot of running and eventually the dog gets tired of the game.  He'll stop when he wants to check out someone else's dog.  I've even met people with other "problem" dogs.  They taught me to accept the fact that one day I will be picking up the pup at the pound.

I finally found all the holes in the fence too.  I finally had to tie 100' of rope to the dog and let him show me his final escape route.  And he did.

Dog and Cat can almost cohabitate in the same room without the cat puffing out and hissing herself to death.

The dog is from Narnia by the way.  When he doesn't know I'm looking, he gets up on his hind legs by the bushes and tries to walk along them to see the birds in them.  

So Tuesday afternoon (8/23/11) I was in the middle of a conversation in the hallway at work when I had to stop ask "Are we moving?  Is this an earthquake?"  Sure enough.  It was the first one I can remember feeling.  The epicenter was about 150 or so miles away in Mineral, VA.  Magnitude was 5.8.

Then we hear that Hurricane Irene is coming.  So we packed up kids and dog and headed to see my friend in Blacksburg, VA...which is where we are now.  We plan on doing some hiking and probably heading back Sunday depending on damage assessments/power/etc.  As of the time of this writing, the storm has been downgraded to a Category I and is supposed to pass by off shore with only tropical storm winds and rain where we live.