Saturday, January 27, 2007

What do Kareem, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Brandon have in common?

They all play basketball. Well, more than that. They all play basketball competitively, tenaciously, and with a never give up attitude. I watched Brandon and his TEAM play against a bigger, better, faster team today and I was awed by the fact that they never pouted, never cried, never gave up. They stole the ball, they blocked shots, they passed, and they shot the ball like they were in it and winning all the way. They do not keep score in this league though. But in the score that really matters, sticking with your team in the game, they at least tied this other team. I am so proud of all of them. Brandon scored three or four times. He made offensive and defensive rebounds, he posted up, he passed, dribbled, he played great defense. This is his first year playing. He has great instincts for the game. I am so proud of him. I guess you could tell that though!!!!

Hey, it is 60 degrees today! Enjoy the weather!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Girl(s) Next Door

Last night my son and I were preparing for a little journey when a knock came at the door, the girls next door. They wanted to talk to my son. He just stood there, and looking back and forth I had a feeling for what was transpiring. My son is nine years old, and in fourth grade. The girls were ten and nine, one was in fourth grade, one was in fifth grade. I was observing the awkward transformation that occurs when boys and girls begin to notice, and, in some small mysterious way, become attracted to each other. The ten year old was attempting to broker the connection between the two nines. She seems mischievous in that way. I do not think either one of the nine year olds really knows why. My son said as much later. He is very shy about this right now and acts VERY strange when confronted with these feelings and emotions. Strange like he will jump into a bush, climb a pole or tree, or just run and hide. He likes the feeling that someone likes him, he just does not quite know what to do with it yet. Thank the universe for small favors like that. Hopefully his innocence lasts a bit longer.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


For those of you at or above your mid thirties this would sound like the hit song from Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne. If you were thinking this post was about that, you'd be wrong. It might not have anything to do with iron at all, just a piece of a plastic pen painted to look like metal. No one is really sure at this point. What we are sure of is that Brandon tossed a metallic looking object into the air early this morning and missed. He missed by failing to catch the as yet unidentified object with his teeth. He also happened to miss the floor as his aim was rather on the mark, just his timing was off. The gleaming object arced through the air, tumbling in a slow spin. It reached its apex and began its accelerating decent. Yanked through time and space by the force of gravity exerted on it by the planet Earth, the metallic object streaked towards the open maw of an impulsive male human child. As the ivory colored teeth raced to close and catch it, the object picked up unexpected speed, zipped past the snapping jaw of the child, and into its esophagus. Being a most surprising event, the perplexed child's instincts kicked in, and he swallowed the object.

Being the father of the child, I received a phone call at 8:30 this morning from the future saint and nurse of the school. She called to let me know about the not so cataclysmic event and appraised me of the expected 'passing' of the object.

It could have been worse.

Hope your day was more energetic and less eventful than mine!


Friday, January 12, 2007

Brandon is Citizen of the Month for Fairness!!!

Brandon was selected as citizen of the month from his class this month for the character trait "Fairness"!!! What an accomplishment and wonderful statement about Brandon. Brandon continues to amaze me with what he is capable of. This is an especially important milestone for us considering the path we have been down. My thanks goes out to our friends, family, and professionals that have helped us get to this point and continue to support us as we move forward. Below is a brief description of what this is and why it is so impressive!

(From the school website)
Citizen of the Month
"This program recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding character traits each month established by the Principles of American Citizenship such as responsibility, diligence, fairness, kindness, cooperation, and etc. The guidance counselor gives each class a lesson on what the specific trait for the month is and how it can be demonstrated in his or her daily life. One student is selected from each classroom monthly to attend a special reception that their family can attend. Each Citizen of the Month is presented with a certificate of recognition for that month’s character trait. "

Have a great, happy, and safe new year!

PS: Just finished 12 weeks of Body for Life. I feel great. I have been getting many compliments, and many people at the gym are starting to ask what I do. it out!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My son's legos...

My son got a lot of lego sets for Christmas. Here is one he built New Years Eve. Star Destroyer coming soon....

Monday, January 01, 2007

My brilliant son

Just bragging here a bit. My son recently took the Stanford Achievement tests. He did very well overall, but a few areas he did particularly well in. He scored in the 91st and 92 percentile in Word study and reading vocabulary respectively. He scored in the 95th percentile in Math problem solving.

Thank you to all that have helped us through the years. Brandon is prospering now due to your efforts. :-)

I am excited and looking forward to 2007! I am optimistic for us, and I truly hope it is a better year for all the world.