Saturday, December 29, 2007

The reality behind the fantasy...And where Valentine's Day came from.

I've been hanging pictures, trying to figure out what vacuum I need to buy and where I'm going to buy it from, cleaning the kitchen, moving the bird, folding clothes, and reading some blogs this morning. I haven't even had coffee or my new coffee replacement Monster Lo-carb. I'm a bit in a manic phase right now I think. It looks like rain so I probably won't rake leaves.

I went to Oh, The Joys bloganistas blogroll and read about blogrolls from various areas...I still haven't followed everything she referred to yet, but at Chicken and Cheese I read about Google Reader. I have seen some excerpts about it lately, but I have so much information to process that I didn't pay it much attention. I'm starting to use it now (as in 10 minutes ago) to read the blogs I like to read and see if it helps me more than the firefox bookmark open in all tabs method I currently use. :-) I'll let you know. So I started adding my blogs to this. Subsequently I was compelled to read some, though my girlfriend is going to shoot me because I have a ton to do today. :-( Sorry Susan.

I haven't read them all today, and most are on the right in my blog roll here so I won't keep adding the hyperlinks. Hygiene Chronicles says that eggnog is like drinking snot and that made me bust up laughing. What made me laugh and nearly cry laughing was this article from Nashville Scene, and is the source of the title above (Suburban Turmoil is the blog on the right).

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know mine was fantastic. :-)

Ok, off to buy a vacuum, picture cutter, and my son has some gift cards for Gamestop and Target. :-)


  1. Hope you didn't collapse in a sweating heap after all that activity!

  2. Sudiegirl,
    :-) I didn't. But I'll probably be raking leaves this afternoon with my son, so there will be two sweaty heaps later. :-)

    You said a few days ago that you were driving distance. Are you north, south, or west from here? You can email me too at mikee (dot) netsec (at) gmail (dot) com. That email is also on my profile for this blog.

    Have a happy new year!

  3. Hi, came over from Oh The Joys and basically spen my entire last Friday at work reading old posts from you. Love your blog btw!

  4. Now I'm exhausted.

    Happy New Year!

  5. whatever direction maryland is from you...north?

    i'm mapically challenged


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