Monday, March 10, 2008

Something from a senior manager at work today....

A series of excellent principles to work by:

People Are Important!
Honesty & Truthfulness
Trust Up and Down
Follow Through
Do The Work Right
Mistakes Do Happen
Bad News Don't Get Better With Time
My Work Does Not Define Who I Am

Be On Time
No What If Drills
Don't Dwell on Misfires
Will Not Tolerate Rumors or Second Guessing
One Team-Much Elbow Grease
Our Reputation Is Our Work
I Have A Family
Suspense's Are Important
The Boss Is The Boss
Take Care Of The Boss
Share, Share And Share

Definitions of things seem to be on my mind a lot lately.  Definitions of relationships and family mostly.  While my work is important to me, it definitely doesn't completely define or own me.

Brandon's counselor this morning discussed vitamin D defeciencies.  There is a test you can do, but it seems to be a given with the winter months.  He drinks a lot of milk and we try to get outside a lot, even in the cold weather.  It is another avenue that we'll be exploring.  Nutrition is a topic that deserves it's own post though!
"Until you forget what you think you know and what you think is possible, you will never know what is truly attainable."


  1. It's so good to have you back! It's great to hear your voice again.

    My principle these days is: "Schedules, Rituals, and Boundaries."

    Whew, working hard on this one in all areas of my life.

  2. :-) Defining and keeping the boundaries is one of the harder things for me to do too.

  3. glad to see you around again.

    I don't see the theory to which I operate, which is "fake it until they figure you out."

    Not all the time, mind you, but sometimes it's the best I can do!

  4. FADKOG,
    That is the best kept secret of all humanity, and the entire IT industry. :-)

  5. Sorry I havent been around, for some reason my Gppgle Reader was not updating when you would post so all this time I thought you were taking a break or something! :)


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