Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Winds have changed, so has the tide,
I feel this draw, to be outside,
The Sun's energy warms my skin,
Emotions stir from deep within,
The air is hot, the sand is too,
The local bands play just for you,
Beach is nice, but friends are better,
Memories made last forever,
The cars are filling up with sand,
Lovers kiss and walk hand in hand,
As Summer dawns upon the land.

Edited to add:
Summer is here. My son leaves to go spend it with his mom on Saturday. The transition is hard for me. Each year I'm the only care giver for him from the end of August until the middle of June. Along the way we get a bit tired of each other. So, it isn't so much that I'm sad to see him go. I'm actually pretty happy that he gets a little adventure and gets to spend some quality time with his mom. It is a different home, different rules, etc.

What is hard is me making the transition from care giver dad to soloist. I'm ready for it, but it takes a while to break my parenting routines....and by then it is nearly time to implement them again! :-) SGG is kind of the same way...and she will be without her kids for about six weeks, the longest she has ever gone without seeing them.

Today was the last day of school, finally. I'm not sure why Virginia Beach seems to keep adding days to the calendar. There really is no need and they don't really do anything in class the last week or two of school anyway.

I took off from work today to deal with my son's abbreviated schedule and early dismissal. While he was in school this morning I went surfing. I'm finally actually up and riding waves. Today was pretty rough. The waves were bigger than normal and there were more of them. I got a couple of rides in, but my arms soon gave out. Paddling out into the non-stop barrage of waves can tire you out quickly. It can be hard getting through the break and into position.

Regardless, I had a great time.

I'm playing volleyball again on Monday nights. A great sport, on the beach, with great friends. Softball has been in swing again since the beginning of May. I might pickup soccer again in July, we'll see. No dodgeball this kills my arm.

It's SUMMER!!! So get outside, enjoy the weather! More to come!


  1. Wow, CCD, I really appreciate your honesty here. That transition from solo, full-time parent... to being on your own. What will you do first??

  2. :-) I'M GOING ON A DATE NIGHT WITH SGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are way overdue.

  3. I always find that transition difficult, even on my "off" weekends. The emptiness and silence of the transition is one thing I find most non-parents (including the woman I've been dating for a few months now) find almost impossible to understand, to really "get."

  4. Paul, the silence is so strange. The emptiness is strange. I often look into his room to see why he hasn't been up and about and then I realize it is because he is with his mom.

  5. Indeed, CCD. That silence is strange, especially in the morning. When I head to the refrigerator to get out breakfast materials and catch myself because it's her mom's weekend, I honestly find myself at a bit of a loss. And when it's the occasional school morning where I don't have to get her up and ready and make the lunch, I don't feel any freer for having one less thing to do. In fact, the real feeling is a bit of melancholy.

    Good blog, by the way.

  6. Paul, hear hear with the melancholy. Plus, I wonder why the dishes aren't done- dammit. The dish-fairies have gone away for a few weeks! It is quiet. I love being alone, but there is some loneliness. I've heard this is why I need to find a busy job/hobby/etc. for myself- or the empty nest will be a crisis for me! Good luck to you on those quiet mornings... CrazyCD- always good writing. :)

  7. Dish duty, JG? Good for you. That's one I haven't gotten my daughter doing readily. As for the busy job/hobby/distraction, it's dead-on. I need projects or distractions when the kid isn't around. I have also discovered that it helps to stay on schedule rather than using the downtime as an excuse for getting off schedule.


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