Sunday, January 31, 2010


Lately I've been getting some comments with links in them.

Do not click on them. I don't think they are overtly malicious, but I don't have the time to analyze them so I can't say.

It also means I need to set the blog back to requiring a login to comment.

If you want to leave a comment with a link in it, I have contact information in my blogger profile that you can send to me first, otherwise I'm just going to delete it.


It is important that you NOT trust random links in email or other places. If you think your Anti-Virus product or firewall will protect you, you are wrong.


  1. Know what you mean...hate those. Cool blog. Found you from T's Quest. Also a single dad.

  2. Coachdad,
    T's blog is quite an inspiration. For a variety of reasons I don't write that openly here...though at times I would like to. I'm working on writing a bit more often, but I can't make any promises! Thanks for stopping by!


I will not accept advertising in the body of comments. If you leave links to spam, goods, or services it will be deleted. If you embed HTML it will be deleted. For any number of other reasons I may delete the comment. I do this for the safety and well being of the readers of the blog.