Thursday, June 24, 2010


Is in full swing.

New job is in full swing.

Looking for new house is in full swing.

Volleyball is in full swing.

Softball is wrapping up...and I'm looking for a soccer league.

It has been sweltering hot here, we happen to have both heat and humidity.  The beach can make it tolerable though.

My piano lesson book happens to have some good Irish music in it.  I've been playing it.  Found Auld Lang Syne a few chapters ahead, but I didn't have any problem playing that at all.  :-)

Went to see Sister Hazel at the beach tonight.  Always a good time.  I wish they would play more from their Absolutely album, but I also have a feeling that most of the songs there are too emotional for that type of scene.  However, they did play "This Kind of Love".  It is a piano song and one of my favorites.  They mentioned they had the sheet music for I bought it at the exorbitant price there...  I don't know any of the band members names, and I wouldn't know any of these people if I met them on the street, but I ran into some recent new friends, Stacey and Marissa, and they were standing in line to get their picture taken and shirt signed by the lead singer.  So I got in line with them figuring it would be neat to get my sheet music signed...and I got a picture below.  Stacey and Marissa are below that...

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  1. Sounds like a good summer all round. Enjoy that soccer!


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