Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kids are gone so what are the parents doing???

The younger two children just got on a plane to see their father for a couple of weeks.  The oldest left over a week ago to see his mom for the summer.

I went on a secret mission to California, more on that later.

So what are the parents doing?  We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, sat outside, and had a margarita.  When we came back home, we retired to room.  We started talking a little bit about music, and had a very brief discussion about the song "Sugar Sugar".  Since most of my Beatles knowledge comes from a song in the early 80's called "Beatles' Medley" from Stars on 45, I was insistent that "Sugar Sugar" was a Beatles's song, SGG said it was not and was actually sung by the comic book group "The Archies" .  "Beatles' Medley" opens with "Sugar Sugar".  I was wrong.  My wife has extensive knowledge of the Beatles, and just about all music from the 60's and 70's.  She is ABSOLUTELY never wrong about any music questions from that era.  It would appear that I am ALWAYS incorrect though.  You would be amazed at the amount I think I know but don't about that era.  She laughs at me all the time about it, and it really cracks me up too.  However, we spent an hour on YouTube and Amazon mp3 playing and singing songs from the 60's, 70's, and 80's and had a blast doing so.

Now, when it comes to 80's music, I usually have the upper hand.  My loss I suppose for not having older siblings to show me the ropes.  :-)

I hope your summer is off to as great a start as ours is.

The weather is warm with just enough rain.  Softball is almost over for me and volleyball is just beginning.  We expect to listen to a lot of music this year and get out more.  NO MOVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS....mostly....maybe...

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  1. A secret mission to California? :)

    Here's to a couple of weeks of margaritas, dinners out, long hikes, and lots of love. Enjoy!! You two so deserve some alone time.


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