Saturday, December 16, 2006

This week as a single parent....

My son had a few meltdowns in school this week. Nothing as dramatic as last year.

For those that do not know, the magnitude of my son's issues last year prompted me to move from Maryland to Virginia Beach so that I could have the help of my family. It also seems that professional help is a bit easier to come by in Va Beach than in Maryland. Sure, Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore is the best in the country. It was only 30 minutes away. The wait list to get in for a psychological evaluation is about a year. Children's National Medical Center in DC was much faster and they were fantastic. It was fun to get to as well. Seriously. Park at the metro in Greenbelt, ride the train, one transfer, and a shuttle picks you up at the metro. :-) Lots of fun for a nine year old.
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Fortunately, the meltdowns were mild and once all of the information was in and analyzed it seems that the events were not so bad after all. I am very proud of the way my son tried to cope and recover from his situations. It was not ideal, but it was a giant step from where he was before.

He has been working so hard that I decided to give him a treat Friday. Kind of big. It was a great surprise. You see, he read 'Eragon' and 'Eldest' recently. I read them too and enjoyed them very much. Eragon was opening on Friday. I had already planned to get off of work early, so I checked with his teacher to see if there was anything important going on the last two hours of the day. There was not. So I bought two tickets to the 2pm show. To say that he was excited, happy, and surprised would be an understatement. The theater was not crowded, we had great seats, and we had a grand time enjoying the movie. He went to his grandparents for the weekend and he talked about it all the way there.


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