Saturday, December 30, 2006

The triumphant return of the little prince

My son spent the week with his mom and step-dad in NC. I went down to pick him up Friday night. He told me about his week, and here is what he said:

He wrestled with the goats. There is one goat that likes to rear up and butt him. He was afraid before, but this time he said he reached up and grabbed the animal's horns and just held him there. The goat finally gave up. He said that the goat doesn't butt him anymore.

He got to play soccer with the animals too. Four goats, two pigs, and a duck that cannot swim. Animals against the boy.

He was bitten by a horse too. He said his mom told him that was the last straw, they were gonna move that horse to a new barn. He said that horse bit people, kicked people, and bucked people. Interesting horse.

He spent a good part of the week putting together his lego Viking kits and playing with his friends there.

It sounds like he had a great week!

In other brother is bringing a cockatiel up for us. This is a bird that they have had for a while that does not get very much attention from them anymore. I think they are tired of the bird squawking all the time. I don't know why I said I would take it, other than I like the bird. My son is pretty excited about it though. Maybe it will be a good thing?

My brother recently put down their very old husky/malmut mix dog. Their three year old son misses the dog. He said, "I will catch an eagle. The eagle will carry me up to heaven. When I get there I will hold onto Zaney. The eagle will fly us both back down." I wish all of us could think that creatively. Children are amazing.


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