Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Mind of God....

Ok, a few crazy thoughts from fitful sleep, aching snowboarding body, and images of the raw Rocky Mountains.

It has been said that to see God, or see the mind of God, would be instant death for us mortals. Probably not so much a physical death, but a death of our minds, which has the immediate impact of killing our bodies. To see into the mind of God would be deadly I think. First there is the impact of pure perfection. Second there is the impact of infinity. Third there is the impact of how God sees us, and our place in the universe, or multiple universes. Any one of these would be enough to wipe us out. As humans, emissaries for God in this Universe, we do not do such a good job. We believe we are important, we are selfish and selfishly motivated, always looking to improve our lot in life. We do this in many ways. Some of us nurture our careers, some of us nurture our adventures, some of us nurture our bodies and bodily needs, some of us nurture our minds, but rarely do we truly nurture each other. Our civilization has permanently, outwardly, and inwardly changed the face and future of this planet. Precious life all over, under, and throughout our world is threatened. All in the name of our supreme selfishness. We even kill each other in OUR selfish devotion to OUR economic system or religion. When the two come in contact, it is like a wound that never stops bleeding. Each of us wields amazing power to do for others, yet we rarely do. The reason peering into the mind of God would kill us, is because we would see ourselves as the Source sees us, our potential compared to our acts, so the Source remains hidden from us. It is not our sacrifices to ourselves that really matter, it is our sacrifices to each other and life in general that can really make a difference. Perform a miracle for someone today. Lend a hand with no conditions attached. Show compassion with no reservations. Plant a tree. Let someone over into your lane. Slow down a little bit. Do something for someone else, or do something for the grass, the trees, the birds, and the millions of other forms of life just outside your front door.

I know, it's all crazy stuff...

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