Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Go see Transformers. Best movie of the summer and has something for everyone. It wasn't anything like I thought it would be. Harry Potter was ok, and a must see if you are a Potter fan, but Transformers blew it away.

I went kayaking early Sunday morning and found that dolphins don't get up before about 8:30 am. We saw a bunch on our way back. Below is a picture from after our paddle.

Internet safety tip:
When you get some notification or email with a link, don't click on it. If you knew it was coming, it might be ok, but otherwise, just say no. If you must satisfy the insatiable curiosity, don't click on the link, but go to the legitimate site manually in your web browser. Go to the site and find the information from there. Emails can hide tons of things, so even if the link looks ok, it may still take you somewhere else. Do not trust them. It is exactly like getting mail from the post office that says you need to come down to your local bank branch and fill out some forms, only the directions in the letter don't go to your local branch, but to the bad guys hideout. They then rob you, take your clothes and your car, and leave you. You know where your local branch is, so why would you follow directions to somewhere else? You wouldn't, but people do it all the time online because it is so easy. The fake sites look so real that sometimes even experts can't tell them apart without very careful analysis. It is much safer for the bad guys because there are not many fraud laws like there are with USPS transactions. It is safer for them because it is hard to trace back. It is safer because people may not report it due to shame. Scams are easy on the Internet because everything is hidden from you already. You don't need a building and decorations/signs, etc, you just need a couple of graphics that no one looks at anyway.

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