Thursday, January 22, 2009

Politics and Patriotism...

CNN is running a video today and the headline is paraphrased to say something like Rush Limbaugh hopes President Obama fails. It seems like kind of an odd thing for an American to say. Kind of like the Dixie Chicks saying they were ashamed to be from Texas because of President Bush. Our country may be represented by the Office of the President, but it succeeds or fails because of it's citizens. We elect the government. We are the government. If we want CHANGE, then we need to be that CHANGE regardless of who is President. The Declaration of Independence plainly and adamantly states that we have a right and duty to participate in our own governing. President Obama isn't going to save us, but I hope he can be the leader we need to pull us together, unite us all, so that we can save each other together. As with every new leader, I am hopeful that our future will be better and brighter for both my and my son's sakes, for all of us. All of us need to be a participant in sacrifice, effort, cooperation, and understanding if we really want change and a better future.


  1. This is why I miss it when you don't post much.

    LOVE it.

    (and don't think I missed the part where you talked about at bright future...)

  2. golly wolly miss molly! I'll post more! :-) I just need to pry myself from Facebook or something.

  3. I saw that too and was pretty surprised/disppointed that someone would want a US president to fail (even though the left has been doing that to Bush for 8 years).

    I believe the actual statement from Limbaugh was much different than what is being paraphrased. You should watch the video and judge for yourself and not rely on CNN (or Fox or anyone else) to roll it up in an unbiased headline.

    Basically, if Obama's policies are socialist, he wouldn't want him to succeed. (but watchthe video for yourself and don't rely on ME paraphrasing)

  4. Enzo,
    It does sound like the media, which is kind of why I didn't give them the satisfaction of clicking on the link. I'm so tired of hype and mis-direction. I'm also very tired of Limbaugh-Coulter types and the people that blindly follow them.

    The right held equal animosity for President Clinton during his 8 years.

    What I hear is that given the state of EVERYTHING, nationalization of many things seems inevitable. That was a long time coming too, mistakes over a long period of time by citizens, corporations, and government entities.

  5. I agree - It seems that since 1992 there has been a snowballing of folks getting so personally invested, so self-identified by political ideology, that rational thought and consideration of other viewpoints is out of the question. It's gotten to the point where public discourse has been replaced by rabid hate. We can't just disagree anymore - we must destroy those that disagree.

    and it's sad.

    As for nationalization - that scares the hell out of me. The government only does one thing well and efficiently. Wage war. (and the efficiently thing is arguable) Everything else they tend to get intimately involved in turns into an oversized, overexpensive and ineffiecient mess. Look at public education and social security as just two examples.

    But I can admit, I don't have an answer for the problems we have right now and I wouldn't have wanted to be in Bush's position or to be in Obama's now. I do think there's a natural evolution to things and when governments attempt to "save" everyone things do not work out.

    Sometimes we have to reap what we sow. Sometimes that means people lose jobs, lose homes they couldn't afford in the first place, and do a little less better than they were doing before. It's unfortunate, but sometimes things need to just play out in order for an overall balance or normalcy to be restored. It may sound cold hearted - but sometimes people fail. I don't believe it's governments job to save us from ourselves.

  6. One more thing I meant to mention. I agree wholeheartedly with you on being tired of the Limbaugh-Coulter-Hannity-Olberman-Air America-Bill Maher and the rest of em on basically just rabble rousing and preening. Doing nothing to help the situation, just feeding that fire that has been splitting us up more and more into little camps of angry americans.

    I don't know that any of this can be laid at the feet of the Democrats or Republicans (as those above are trying to do). It was business people making bad business decisions that has led to this particular meltdown. And now everyone has their hand out to be "saved". We have a serious problem when we decide that it's government that makes (or breaks) the economy and not business. That's step one towards socialism.

  7. Enzo,
    You know, you haven't posted in a could take your comments and roll it into one.

    I meet a lot of people that are tired of the hypemongers.


  8. So true - of course - that's WHY i haven't posted....can't avoid turning a simple comment into a long winded I'm gonna stop right here.



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