Wednesday, May 06, 2009

hmmmm....just randomness....

Sometime soon I will try to do a post or a series of posts on recommendations for your home computer security. None of what I will say will totally protect you, but it can help keep you reasonably safe provided you practice reasonable web surfing. I deal with malware on a daily basis that, even on thoroughly locked down systems, is still able to bypass all security measures. I will only cover windows though. Some of the concepts also apply to other Operating Systems such as Linux or the MAC OS, but you'll have to find your own software for them. :-)

I always have a good chuckle when people ask me if I've seen this show or that commercial. Today at my son's IEP they suggested taking away TV as a punishment. :-) I don't watch TV. I have one, but it is basically a large computer monitor that I watch an occasional movie on, a downloaded show from iTunes, Hulu, or some other alternate media. One reason is that I cannot stand the advertising. My mind is cluttered enough as it is. Another reason is that I abhor having TV networks tell me when I'm going to be home and sitting on the couch to watch something that in my mind is drivel and keeps me (and the rest of the world) from getting out and doing things that really matter and can make a difference. All so that we can be entertained.

and I had more, but it is getting late and I realized that I'm just ranting on about things that will get me into trouble anyway. :-)

Have a good night.

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