Monday, May 04, 2009


It's everywhere. All over my back yard.

I didn't know.

Poison Ivy. It also happens to be all over the neighborhood too. My girlfriend had to tell me what it was. I either don't react to it, or I have just been wildly fortunate.

Saturday afternoon was spent raking part of the back yard and butchering the bushes back into submission. It really is amazing I don't have some sort of exotic deadly respiratory ailment right now. I inhaled massive amounts of dust, pollen, and vegetative matter.

All that work and the yard is only partially finished. I have more to do in the back, and then I have to weed the front. Grrrrr. I'm neither a gardener nor a landscaper.

I also believe that Virginia Beach is the mega-epicenter of all pollen on the planet. I'm tired of having to constantly wash the cars.

The weather has been nearly non-stop awesome though. I am very thankful for that.

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