Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not Chicken Pox

But most likely chiggers. After a few days at home...which I needed...I still didn't have any other accompanying symptoms. I went back to the doctor and it appears chiggers is the most likely culprit. I have missed civilization! I am so happy to be able to go back out into public spaces!!!

My favorite cheese steak place, Philly Style Steak and Subs, has opened a new location just around the corner from me. It is called !GGLES I didn't recognize it. Now I can go get one! :-)

SGG and I went on a hike at York River State Park Saturday. We figured it would be a good way to get out of the house and not really expose the public to what turned out not to be my illness. It is a really beautiful park on the York River. In addition to many miles of trails for hiking, they are supposed to be one of the top mountain bike destinations on the east coast. They also have trails for equestrian too. I saw a Bald Eagle fly past over the river, but SGG didn't believe me.

One of the beaches there is called Fossil Beach. They literally have thousands of fossils right on top of the sand there. They will let you take one. SGG found two predatory snail fossils so we took those. At one point we were sitting on a log just resting and the Bald Eagle I saw earlier dropped out of the tree it was in with a big WHOOSH, right over our heads. Every time the eagle flapped it's wings it made a loud whoosh sound. We don't see them very much around here and it was really cool to be so close to one in the wild. We saw some deer on the trail and a fawn on the way out of the park. No Chiggers this time.

York River offers canoeing and kayaking in the estuaries and on the river itself. Every two weeks they offer either a starlight kayak tour or a moonlight kayak tour. They also offer a guided fossil hike.

Explore your state parks, you may be amazed at what you find. Those of you that live close to national parks...I am envious!


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  1. This is awesome. We're going to have to travel back down there to check it out.


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