Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer stuff....

Sometimes it is the way the ocean looks. It is different in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
Sometimes it is the Dolphins.
Sometimes it is the big or little fish jumping. The minnows sometimes land on my board.
Sometimes it is the Pelicans flying high formations or skimming the water like bombers.
Sometimes it is the Ospreys.
Sometimes it is the taste of salt water, or the residue of it later on my lips.
Sometimes it is that crusty feeling of dried salt all over my body.
Sometimes it is the smell of ocean and sand.
Sometimes it is the feel of the warm grainy water all over my body and the way I float and move in it.
Sometimes it is the sense of euphoria when I am physically exhausted at the end, strange as it sounds.
Sometimes it is because I feel like a sea otter in the waves.
It is always because of the way I feel when I have paddled the board just enough to get caught in the awesome power of an ocean wave. The way the board picks up speed as though pushed by Poseidon himself. The way everything becomes a blur and the wind whips past. The balance of the board, leaning for a turn, crouching, trailing a hand in the wave, pumping for a little more speed, the sense of accomplishment if I make it long enough to ride the second break, and sometimes even the ability to walk back and forth on the board.

Evenings on the beach are always so tranquil. One night SGG and I danced in that space where it isn't quite ocean and not quite land. Truthfully, it was because I herded a crab straight at her. :-)

Chichos at 29th street has a band, $1 slices of pizza, and $5 pitchers of watered down beer on Monday evenings. It also has a couple of the volleyball teams when we finish playing on the beach. Chichos is 20 blocks from where we play volleyball. We had to walk 20 blocks back too. I'll bring some water next week....or drive. :-)

Piano lessons for me are back in full swing. I'm going to conquer the metronome and eighth notes. Had I been seriously playing and practicing the last six months it wouldn't be a problem...but I haven't. However, I have really missed it and I'm mad I let it drop for a bit.

Lots of changes happening at work. I think they will all be good changes, it will be a little difficult in the short term though.

I don't really get to go on week or longer vacations at points during the year, so I try to make a little vacation/fun time each day. Besides, you don't even know if you have a tomorrow until it becomes a yesterday so try to make the most of moments you have right now.

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  1. Wow, I could totally go to the beach after reading that.

    It sounds like you are having a great summer. Glad to catch up with you!


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