Monday, September 28, 2009

It's just dinner...

And no it isn't a dating site...or a site at's just my dinner tonight.

It was inspired by dinner last night at the Mexican place after the spider-tunnel-cache. I got a spinach enchilada and they made sure the spinach was thoroughly cooked. I am assuming to ensure the was no chance of any bacteria surviving...and I can tell you it did not. It wasn't bad at all, just really well done.

I got to thinking this morning that I could do that just a little bit better. I had refried beans and spinach tortillas in the house. I went to the store and got a couple of bags of spinach and a Mexican cheese combo bag (among a number of other items).

I heated up the refried beans in the microwave and heated a pan with some oil. I put in the spinach with a lot of garlic and some bits of an orange. My neighbor calls it kinky spinach, and it is really good. When the spinach was done I put it in a bowl and dumped a bunch of cheese on top. I spread out the beans on the tortilla, heaped the spinach/cheese on top, and rolled it up burrito style. It was delicious.

I knew Brandon wasn't going to eat it, so I got some catfish while I was at the store. I rolled it around in some corn meal, put in a little more oil in the pan, and fried the fish about five minutes on each side. I always add some salt on each side of the fish, but not pepper this time. It was marinated in some cajun seasoning already. I cooked some corn for him too.

Not too bad for dinner overall. We have lots of fish left over.


  1. Its more than we did tonight, we had microwaveables... Sounds delicious!

  2. A little unrelated - but I thought your comment on singlemomseeking made a lot of sense. Time is so precious; and there's never enough of it to go around when you're single parenting. It's hard to imagine giving up the little bit "self" time you have, even for a great relationship.

    As for dinner - ever tried Chicken à la Popeye? EASY, inexpensive, and delish! (You can do it with fish, too... recipe on my blog!)


  3. Samantha,
    Nothing wrong with microwaveables. We do that, pizza, and chinese quite often. I am trying to get better though!

    Wolves are one of my favorite animals! I will definitely look up your chicken a la Popeye! I have some chicken that really needs to be cooked tonight!


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