Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yesterday my son went on a field trip to the University of Richmond and then to the Virginia State Fair. What was the highlight of the trip? Bull riding at the State Fair. More specifically, he rode the mechanical bull. Twice even. He said that they were having some sort of contest, if you stayed on for 8 seconds you win $200. I mentioned that I couldn't see them allowing him to ride without a consenting adult. He said he had to sign a few forms. Seriously? I still haven't asked he teachers about it though. He said he was on both times for just over 7.9 seconds. That I do believe.

This morning he was complaining about his chest hurting. You think?

I was too tired to care. Something woke me up after about 3 hours of sleep and I couldn't go back. The only hour of sleep I got after that was the hour the alarm went off before I got up. I was so tired that I went running and everything was on inside out. I didn't notice until I took it off to get a shower. I bent over to smell something in a cup and then wandered about for five minutes trying to find where the smell was coming from before figuring out something from the cup was on my nose. I thought I pulled out my black suit today, but it was the navy blue one. Fortunately the shirt and tie almost matched because I wasn't changing it.

It wasn't shaping up to be a good day. It turned out fine least at 9pm EDT it is fine.

I made this concoction tonight. It was AMAZINGLY delicious. Chicken ala popeye. My only begotten son went back for seconds. Many thanks go to Big Little Wolf for mentioning it in the comments. You really can do it all in one pan if you don't do the potatoes.

Edited to add:
You HAVE to do the potatoes though. It is worth cleaning the extra pan.


  1. Crazy Computer Dad! You're a sweetheart! There's nothing a BIG little Wolf mama loves more than to know that cubs and dads are well fed! Thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed the meal. And better still, so did your son. (Now I'm motivated to put a few more of my recipes online - the ones for under $20, and 20 minutes of preparation. I've got a great Light-and-Lazy Lasagna recipe; same price range, a little more time, but oh-so-easy and TONS of food for hungry kids.)

    What did you have for dessert?

  2. We never really eat dessert. Special occasions only. Dad has a rule, if it has chocolate or sugar in it dad will eat it all and usually in one sitting, so we don't buy it. Terrible I know, but I have no self control. :-)

    Also, I have already found the omelette recipe and plan on trying that this weekend!

  3. HEY CRAZY COMPUTER DAD! I've got another recipe coming for you soon. Will try to post it sometime in the next few days. $14, 20 minutes, 1 pan (and a pot for pasta). I made it this evening, and the Growing Kiddo inhaled, as usual. In fact I hear him in the kitchen now... it's been an hour; time for THIRDS!!(This is why I cook for four.)

    I took pics! (Hope you guys like Italian.)


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