Monday, January 31, 2011

It's all about the kids....

Trying to get caught up a little bit.  This post is really about our winter months and what things look like with the I'm going back in time    to      January          2011............

It isn't really all about the kids, but at times it feels like it.

All three boys were playing winter sports this year.  Two different basketball leagues, and one middle school wrestling.  Also, my son is going to school out of district so SGG has an almost 60 minute commute in the morning to get Brandon to school and then get to work (they are in opposite directions).  In the afternoons, I leave work around 3pm to pick him up, which adds almost an hour on to my commute.

One of the boys was in Boy Scouts, sort of, and the other finishing up Cub Scouts.  So some scouting, practices all on different nights of the week.  I am sure the neighbors thought we were like birds flying back and forth to take chicks to places and constantly bringing them food.  Beginning in February I started the Body Transformation Challenge, so my days started around 4:30-4:44am and ended after 10pm.

The shorter and colder days mean less time in the sun  for the boys, and they start to get a little cranky about that.

The boys can really eat too.  They are all growing, and tend to stay hungry.  The real problem is that only one is truly in his it only gets worse from here.  Soon we will see how truly ravenous teenage boys can be.

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