Friday, January 07, 2011

"That's actually my fault...."

I pick up my son from school every day. The ride from school to home takes about 30 minutes. We learn a lot about each other during our 30 minute rides each day. I get to say things like "How was your day?" and he responds to everything with "Fine". I change it up to elicit other answers by asking "What was your least favorite event today"? etc.

Today we had a little discussion at the end of the commute, prompted by me spying a newspaper up on the roof of our house.

Me: "Why is there a newspaper on the roof of the house"?
Him: [Laughing] "That is actually my fault..."
(Honestly, I'm amazed he took responsibility for it.)
Me: "I know it is your fault, when there is a newspaper on the roof, it usually isn't anyone else's fault. How did it get there"?
Him: [Still Laughing] "Well, you know how I am usually pretty good at throwing things right where I want them..."
Me: [Interrupting him]: "Let me rephrase your statement, you are NEVER good throwing things right where you want them."
Him: "Well, not backwards maybe but..."
Me: [Interrupting again] "No, not ever."
Him: "Well, ok, but I was skateboarding down the driveway when there were no cars there, and I picked up the paper and tossed it backwards, and it landed on the roof."
Me: [Just staring at him]
Him: "I tried to get Michael to help by standing on the chair with the broom and scraping it off, but he wouldn't stand on the handles."
Me: [at least they aren't fighting....and I decide to let it drop there]


  1. LOL!!! Love this! I can just hear him be all "uh yeah, that's my fault" awesome!

    I have that same trip with my youngest everyday and I love that time, and it makes me sad I don't have it with my oldest.

  2. This one cracked me up. First off, the things kids do. Secondly, their responses to their own shenanigans. And thirdly, your approach to getting him to elaborate in the car.

    There are times a nice little commute is very helpful. (Captive audience!)


  3. Too funny. my step-daughter was just hanging out on top of the roof for fun... she let it slip to me.....

    the kids are either going to kill themselves or give me a heart attack!

    love it!


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