Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The best thing about ....

...accidentally finding yourself up after midnight Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning is you get to be one of the first people anywhere to read XKCD.

If you saw me working through the day and in the evenings you would TOTALLY see me doing this....and mostly the same websites. Maybe I have some strange split personality. No need to comment on that Robin.


  1. Now, that's finding the silver lining!

    I found myself awake at 2 and got lost in a kind of funny book.

  2. I GET to type on a typewriter every day... you'd laugh watching me attempt to move the mouse...

  3. Oh my goodness!! That is so me also!! I have 5 tabs going right now as we speak!

  4. well dammit i wasnt going to comment and now i HAVE to... haha

    and i am kinda leery of going to a website called "boingboing"


  5. Were you watching me on my keyboard?

    You have described me to a 'T.' Dang.

  6. That's funny. I've found that blogging has trained me to type in 300-400 word chunks. (I won't do that here)


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