Wednesday, September 10, 2008

half full or half empty

Answers to this age old question:
(thanks to War Games: The Dead Code for getting me thinking about this)

It is obviously an incorrectly sized cup.

Who's been drinking my drink?

Don't let the waitress take it, I'm not done yet.

What size is the cup?

How thirsty am I?

How much is in there and how much did I pay for?

Depends, is it beer? Whiskey?  Tuaca? Red Wine?

Depends on what it is.

I'm dying of thirst, just give me the damn glass!

The longer we discuss this the more that evaporates.  Entropy.  You know this.

Depends, can I have another if I like it?

You take the glass, where's the bottle?

Is it mine or is it yours?

How thirsty am I?

What happens if I shake it?

Pour it into a smaller glass and your cup runneth over.

Pour it into a much larger glass and it is obviously mostly empty.

Oops, I spilled it.

Who is really asking and who is really listening?

Can you further define the question and the parameters? (hey, its an election year)

Hey!  Look over there!!!  (I'll take yours)

Doesn't matter, I'll probably hate it anyway.


Thank the Universe!  I have another glass!!!!  And what providence, it has sustenance in it!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!
(assuming the sustenance was a monster M-80)

Ummm, I can't make a decision...wait no...well it

Careful scientific study will give us the answer.

In metric or standard units?

I wonder what noise it makes when I tap it with my fork.

Is it combustible?

Is it volatile??? if so it will be gone in a minute either way...AND WHY ARE WE STANDING SO CLOSE?

Did you just ask that liquid if it looks fat in that glass?  I think you did.  How rude.

----Ok torture is over, time to move to next blog------


"Until you forget what you think you know and what you think is possible, you will never know what is truly attainable."


  1. As we talked about, you know #1 is my favorite answer.

    I just think that opens up so many possibilities. Because who wants to be boxed into half full or half empty??

  2. are we playing flip cup? :D


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