Monday, October 12, 2009

Iris, Kajeet, and more Popeye....

So, to catch up a bit. This weekend our neighbor's dog figured out how to will through the fence. While I was investigating the dog and the fence I saw this purple flower in a spot I didn't know there were flowers. My neighbor says it is a bearded iris.

I fixed the chicken a la popeye for SGG this weekend. How good was it? She asked if she could lick the plate. My son keeps asking for the chicken a la popeye now. Big Little Wolf said she has a pasta dish up there now too. One pan and one pot. :-)

Kajeet is a phone service for kids. I read about it here last week. I had been looking at phones and plans for my son, and I have come to HATE phone companies. Hidden fees, contracts, "features", etc. You could spend days trying to put all of it together to get to some bottom line price and still not get there. To me, Kajeet was simple. Parental controls on all phones, gps locator if you want it (and I do), and no contract. I can terminate my son's access at any moment, or add money and things to it. Compared to what I was looking at through Verizon and Sprint, this was easy and had all the right stuff. :-)


  1. OMG. Single parent guilt. Mother guilt. Been-thinking-about-you-and-needing-to-write-that-recipe guilt.

    DOING IT NOW, Crazy Computer Dad! YES! One pan, one pot, 20 minutes, $14, and fingers will fly to the keyboard as quickly as possible!!!

    ... time passing, time passing..

    YES - I just spent the past half hour putting these images up for you - it's almost a recipe! Look under "short and sweet" for a link to the images, taken step by step.

    OMG, the guilt, the guilt... so sorry to have made you guys wait... oh the guilt...

  2. OKAY. Your step-by-step recipe is up on my site - latest post. $14 or $15... Let me know if you make it, ok? And how it is? (Need to go cook dinner for Growing Boy.)



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