Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home runs and things

Ok, home runs? Yes.

Home runs are things like a home cooked meal for cheap, that everyone loves, and only really need pan, maybe a pot.

I made the Cheatin' Chicken Cacciatore last Friday. If you haven't made the Chicken a la Popeye or this, you really don't know what you are missing. Quick, delicious, easy, inexpensive. It doesn't get better than that. A homerun, out of the park. How good was the chicken cacciatore? My son loved it, and SGG ate it even though it had mushrooms in it. She HATES mushrooms.

Things have been kind of busy lately. I've been working on some picture and video projects at home. My son had the flu three days last week. I had a 10' rule in effect. He couldn't get closer than 10' from me. Not a problem. I think he was in bed the whole time.

Brandon also had straight A's on his progress report. He really seems to be focused on doing well in school. Miracles never cease.

Work has been busy, but not stressful. Mostly I am back to doing what I love full time.

I play spring and fall softball. I bought a new bat in May, it lasted two nights. I sent it back. They sent me a warranty replacement bat. I used it two night, it broke, I sent it back. They weren't too keen on sending me another, but they did. I used it tonight for the first time. I hope it lasts longer than the others. I don't do anything hinky, I just hit softballs. I like the bat, and I hit a lot of home runs with it, but I don't think I'll buy another one of that brand.

Softball tonight had an interesting ending. Let me explain about a walk off home run. If you are the home team, in the last inning, and are either tied or losing when you get up to bat and you hit a home run, it is a walk off home run. It means you hit and walk off the field, the game is over, you win. :-) It doesn't happen too often, but it does happen. I haven't ever hit one, but I have wanted to.

I hit a walk off home run tonight. And we lost the game. Aweso...what? LOST? So, already, it doesn't really match the definition of a walk off home run...but I am going to claim it anyway. :-) What happened tonight was that we only had nine players. I was the ninth batter. We are supposed to have ten players, so after the ninth batter it is an automatic out. We had two outs already, so after me the game was over anyway. We were down by 4 runs. Only 1 runner was on. I hit a home run, and walked off, losing the game by two runs. :-)

Like the movie Tin Cup where "everyone will remember the 12", everyone tonight will remember the walk-off home run.....LOSS. :-)

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  1. Oh God - LOVE Tin Cup... (Love a lot of Costner movies)... and speaking of softball - it's World Series time!! (almost)

    (Drop by if you want to know why women love baseball... movies.)

    Who do you like for the World Series?


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