Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just thinking outside of the box a bit here about regulating...anything....

Why regulate healthcare? Government involvement is already one of the reasons premiums and costs are so high.

I want to propose a different tact. There is an industry untouched by government regulation, and for one specific reason to follow is likely to remain untouched. Let's consider one of the reasons insurance is so high, health care is so expensive, and why we have so many interesting reminders on signs around us all the time. Lawsuits...and more specifically, Lawyers.

Just think about it. What if private law practices were limited to criminal defense? All other lawyers had to be government civilians, especially on civil suit cases. What if these attorney's were not allowed a cut of the final judgment or settlement?

Just think about it.

Now remember, most members of Congress, State Governments, and City Governments were at one time Lawyers...You think this will get anywhere?

Not until we get more involved.


  1. This is not a swipe against lawyers. I'm just not enthused about regulating industries like this.

  2. hmmm... I'm withdrawing my application to Law School now :)


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