Friday, January 12, 2007

Brandon is Citizen of the Month for Fairness!!!

Brandon was selected as citizen of the month from his class this month for the character trait "Fairness"!!! What an accomplishment and wonderful statement about Brandon. Brandon continues to amaze me with what he is capable of. This is an especially important milestone for us considering the path we have been down. My thanks goes out to our friends, family, and professionals that have helped us get to this point and continue to support us as we move forward. Below is a brief description of what this is and why it is so impressive!

(From the school website)
Citizen of the Month
"This program recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding character traits each month established by the Principles of American Citizenship such as responsibility, diligence, fairness, kindness, cooperation, and etc. The guidance counselor gives each class a lesson on what the specific trait for the month is and how it can be demonstrated in his or her daily life. One student is selected from each classroom monthly to attend a special reception that their family can attend. Each Citizen of the Month is presented with a certificate of recognition for that month’s character trait. "

Have a great, happy, and safe new year!

PS: Just finished 12 weeks of Body for Life. I feel great. I have been getting many compliments, and many people at the gym are starting to ask what I do. it out!

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