Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Push

groggy and unmotivated
tired and discombobulated
The swirl of dreams and reality
utterly confounds me
I rise, I fall, I rise again
Alarms in the background din
Fighting the fight within
I give up and slide back to sleepin.

The battle was not over though
and deep inside energy begins overflow
Sleep departs hurriedly
and I begin my day
A run I say, been my goal for weeks
but quickly give up, so meek
But I push, and push, and push
sneakers, socks, shuffle, all a mush
but I push
I stretch and pop and groan, but I push
I open the door, not looking back
I start my run, looking up at a full moon
surprised to see this companion
and for three and a half miles I push.

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