Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where did I go?

Asking myself that same question. I've had a lot to do in the last week! I got kicked off the Shitty Blog Survivor Island, mine was the weakest link! Honestly and truthfully, check out the other survivors, they are incredible and creative people. I'm glad I go to hang with them for a little bit. Life has caught up with me though and I'm in high gear trying to get ahead again. House hunting, sports, work, catching up with some friends in Richmond.........and......drumroll.....{suspense}......{sly eye arching}.....I have started.....you'll have to wait for next entry.....



  1. THERE you are! Now stop teasing :P

  2. You can always come hang out with me. I'm big on being an outcast.

  3. good to see you're still around. I was beginning to wonder if some of your most excellent outdoor adventures had done you in!


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