Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adjustments and forward momentum

Things have been kind of busy, but I planned it that way. Friday night, after I took my son to his grandparents for his journey, I had a couple of beers with a friend and then softball from 8:45 to 11pm.

Saturday morning brought the Asperger's Support group meeting at the Chesapeake City Park. I brought my camera since my son was gone. These are just a really special group of kids. Slide show is below.

Mostly I cleaned things up during the day, then headed out for soccer at 3pm. I had a great time at soccer, and even played wing for a little while. Offense in soccer is a heck of a lot of running if you do it right. We had a lot of smoke from the swamp fires just a few miles from there, but I didn't die, yet.

Sunday morning I first got out to try and surf, but lake atlantic was having none of it. I came back and framed my son's art work and made it out to dodgeball practice. They invited me out to a small beach on Broad Bay so I joined everyone out there. Mostly I just slept in the sun. I was in the water about five minutes when a jelly fish attached itself to my side. Usually they just slide past, stinging as they go, but this thing essentially ran into me and stuck. It was painful. I got out of the water and I went back to sleep. :-) Some of the folks were going out for sushi afterwards and I told them to call me. Mostly out of curiosity because I didn't know any of the sushi places were open Sundays. The first one we went to was not, so we started driving until we found one. It was ridiculously marvelous sushi. Seriously.

Mondays are volleyball at the beach. We won two and lost two. We had a nice swim in the ocean afterwards with dinner and music at Mahi Mahs. A local group called Plastic Eddies. Any group that plays Counting Crows is ok by me. About ten minutes after we got there the wind from the icy depths of hell kicked up, nearly took out the patio umbrellas, and left everyone shivering and asking for the check!

Tuesday was Big Bad Voodoo Daddies at the beach. That was awesome, er, while it lasted. I had to leave early to help a friend's softball team, but when I got there they had more than enough people. I wish they would have called, I was having a good time at the concert.

Wednesday was supposed to be meet and greet for dodgeball, but other plans came up and those went longer than expected.

Today is the first night of dodgeball games. It will be fun if not mostly immature. :-)

I'm trying to stay busy to stave off depression. Forcing myself to get out amongst folks to keep from really becoming introverted as is my tendency. I'm up early and late to get some time to ponder, reflect, and look for a balance or contentment with how the things that are mostly outside of my control are affecting me right now. I'm not where I want to be in many areas, but some of them are not entirely in my control.

And....the slideshow!

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  1. Whew. I'm exhausted just reading about everything you've had going on. But it sounds like staying busy is good for you right now...but don't forget to allow yourself time to figure stuff out.

    (That's at least what I call it when I'm sitting on the back deck, enjoying the alone - i.e. no kids - time, beer in hand...)

    Can't wait to see the pics!


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