Sunday, June 01, 2008

My "Pampered SPA" weekend...

Started Friday with two hours of kinetic extension therapy to loosen the muscles and open the capillaries for the rest of the weekend.

I had ancient far east temperature treatment sessions throughout the weekend at varying intervals.

Saturday morning was a 45 minute vitamin D saturation treatment (done in stages). Simultaneously there was a cardiovascular treatment performed, and a sodium purge.

Saturday afternoon was a 1.5 hr session of the same morning program.

In between the morning and afternoon sessions there was a massage and muscle pain inhibitor treatment.

Sunday morning I got to sleep in late. But late in the morning there was a 1hr Vitamin D saturation, cardio treatment, World Consciousness Movement session, and a sodium purge session. I also got a heated foot exfoliation and massage.

Afterwards there was a mineral soak followed by a 15 minute deep tissue focused massage with another muscle pain inhibitor treatment.

This was quickly followed up by my last Vitamin D saturation, cardio treatment, and sodium purge session, duration 2 hrs.

I also watched and listened to soothing and rejuvenating meditative world view building programs throughout the weekend too.

I'm now tired, but relaxed and ready for the week!

So what is all this? I'm sure you're dying to know so that you too can have a weekend of catered spa nirvana right?

Kinetic Extension Therapy = Softball, specifically swinging the bat because I could not really throw since I pulled a muscle in the middle of my back Thursday. Note to self, swinging bat aggravates pulled back muscles which directly resulted in various follow on "Treatments"

Far East temperature treatment sessions = Bag of ice in the middle of one's back for anywhere from 5-15 minutes followed by a heating pad for about the same exposure time.

Vitamin D saturation treatment = Sun exposure (with Bullfrog 30 SPF Mosquito repellent waterproof sunscreen)

Cardiovascular treatment = running (Jogging saturday morning, soccer saturday afternoon, beach volleyball Sunday morning, and soccer again Sunday afternoon)

Sodium purge = sweat

Massage therapy = two baseballs, parallel, with me laying on top of them, either side of my spine. A couple of physical therapists told me about this years ago. They said to use tennis balls, but I don't have any. I control pressure in various, but the overall effect is good. At least until the feeling comes back in. I can't turn enough to see my back, but I'm pretty sure I didn't bruise it.

Muscle pain inhibitor = favorite self medicating sports injury drug.

heated foot exfoliation and massage = the truly hellish temperature of the sand while walking on it and trying to play volleyball on it. However, when you enter the zen meditative trance that hindu yogi's get to when walking across heated coals, you find that the sand isn't so bad and it slightly improves your volleyball skills.

Mineral Soak = swim/wade in the Bay/Ocean after we realized it's just too hot to play.

World Consciousness Movement = Volleyball.

Forgot to add this earlier....
World view building program = Southpark, last couple of episodes of season 8.

:-) Hope you had a great weekend and that you will have a great week!!!


  1. So hilarious! I was reading this in my Reader, and as I made my way through the first part, I knew I had to find out where this spa was and what it would take to book a weekend!

    Alas, I suck at softball!

    Have a great week (now that you're all relaxed)!

  2. Love it! Glad you 'pampered' yourself this weekend! :)


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