Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm exhausted...

The temperatures here this weekend were over 100. Records were broken. It's not the heat its the humidity right? Well the humidity was pretty high up there too. But Saturday didn't start off in the heat.

Saturday morning was my son's first piano recital. He did fantastic. Before and after the recital we were running around preparing for our camping/snorkel/dive trip.

We went to Lake Rawlings, about two hours from here, in the middle of southern Virginia. It is a fresh water lake that used to be a rock quarry. They have stocked the lake with fresh water clams to clean the water, two varieties of fish, and a lot of stuff to look at. It is essentially a Scuba Park. Parts of some movies have been filmed there (The Replacements). You can camp, swim, snorkel, kayak/canoe, or dive there.

We did an afternoon dive, some snorkeling, a night dive, morning snorkel and fish feeding, and a morning dive. It was my son and I and my friend Dave and his daughter Ariel. In the 100+ degree heat the water was extremely refreshing. Any time we moved outside we started sweating rivers. At night the heat and humidity dropped. I slept with the rain cover off of my tent and fell asleep on top of my sleeping bag staring at the stars. I loved it. My son loved the smores and at various intervals would sound off quotes from the movie "The Sandlot."

Our night dive was the first for Dave and my second. It was my first without a large group. I "lost" Dave once, but it turns out he was there, I just missed his light somehow. Once we were done we just kind of laid back with our gear in the water and just watched stars and shooting stars for a bit.

I finally got my son to snorkel! Once he did what I said he loved it. We fed the fish in the morning and some of those pictures are here.

We were supposed to go to Marc Cohn in downtown Norfolk at 4pm, but that didn't happen. We got home about 2:30pm and I crashed while Brandon went to visit a neighbor. I'm getting ready to crash again.




  1. That looks like an awesome time. I could almost be jealous!

    Sweet dreams ;)

  2. You two are always on the go. It all sounds like a great time (minus the whole snorkle thing. I have an aversion to being in water with living creatures!).

    I'll trade you some of the rain we've been getting all week for a bit (just a bit!) of the heat!

  3. hey is that first picture a light saber by any chance? :p

    glad you had a good trip - i didnt make it to marc cohn either. i really was in no mood to hear that song... haha


  4. Emily,
    It was either jump in the lake, or create one out of sweat. We had a great time. The best time to get in is really early in the morning. The student divers kick up the sediment and makes the lake cloudy pretty quickly.

    It's kind of funny how the fish are usually indifferent to us being there, even in the ocean. I actually wish we had some of your rain too.

    Nope, the first picture was the rays of sunshine piercing the water. I actually didn't think the picture would turn out. While I'm sad I didn't see Marc, It was 100 degrees, just too hot to sit in the sun with thousands of people.

  5. auf wiederschreiben -- Love it.

    The pictures are amazing, too!! Sounds like a great weekend!


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