Thursday, June 12, 2008

End of the year, the line, etc and other things

So my son brought home certificates today for Honor Roll in the fourth quarter and Honor Roll for the year! I'm very proud of him for the effort that he put forth this year. I am hoping that next year will be even better.

My son's fifth grade class put on a full production of Tidepool Condos as their class play this week. ALL BY THEMSELVES. This means that they did the directing, set, costumes, and choreography entirely themselves. It was a musical by the way. They did fantastic! They are the Math and Sciences Academy, so the play carried and Eco-awareness message. It was amazing.

For my son tomorrow is fifth grade graduation, a pool party, and then a journey to his mom's for the summer. While we will both miss each other, we both know we need a break. He is excited about seeing his mom, I am excited about having some time to myself.

I've looked at my calendar and time to myself doesn't mean alone, it means sports and other activities. I'm trying as much as I can to get out in social groups and just do things.

I have some personal goals that I would like to accomplish over the summer. Learning to really surf is one. Diving on a U-boat is another. Getting back into working out regularly and eating better is on the list too. I have professional goals I want to accomplish over the summer as well. We never really know what life will bring so I'll deal with things as they come.

I guess I'll clean my house too. :-)

wiedersehn, wiederschreiben, wiedersprechen....Habst du gute zeiten.


  1. ...and the time will fly!

    We're approaching the second week of summer vacation and I still need to work on my motivating goals. I wish you luck!

  2. i am happy for both of you and all the great accomplishments your son has made. he should be proud of himself and thoroughly enjoy his well-earned summer! as should you!! and hopefully your schedule wont always zig when mine zags ;) but i know you'll have a great summer and get in all the things you want and need!

    you know i'm praying for you both -that PEACE will reign and HOPE will always shine on your path!! here's to a great summer!! oxo

  3. That is great that the kids were able to do that - I am not sure if a group of adults could really pull it together to put on a show!

    Enjoy your summer and all that it brings.

  4. ENJOY the time to yourself!!!

    I've a third of the way through my three-week break from the boys right now and am trying to recover from the Vegas trip.

    Happy Summer!!


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