Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something that has been on my mind lately...

Bus Zen

You have to read the above story first.

I wrote about it many months ago but basically just pointed to the entry at Oh, The Joys.

A couple of months ago I was trying to remember what it was about, but couldn't remember the story exactly. I remembered I thought it was rather profound and I was dismayed I couldn't recall it on the spot. That is why blogs have searches on them I suppose.

There is much turmoil in my world lately. Things are not going well for my son at school. I'm making little adjustments in medication and he is getting some more stringent behavioral modifications at home. Things at work are going horrible too.

I am more than a bit agitated overall. Downright cranky really. I have realized that I need to take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture. I also need to be thankful for what I do have.

Things seem pretty bad, but the reality is that it is all manageable. If I just accept that my world is a lot less from ideal than it normally is then it becomes more tolerable. I know that it is just temporary. I know that it can get worse, I know that it can get better. If I am able to accept what I currently have, I am in a better mental state to make the decisions that can make it better. If I remain agitated, it will certainly get worse.

It is a choice. It is my purpose. It is Bus Zen.

I think I need to post a sign over my desk with the others I've put up that simply says "Bus Zen" to remind me even the most stressful moments will pass. By the time I get through traffic and into work, Zen is certainly the last thing in my thoughts and I have to fix that first.


  1. Boy am I in the same place...


    It's a good reminder too that it's not a permanant condition.

    I hope.

  2. Sounds like a great sign to post - just something to remind you of everything.

    It is hard though, when things seem to be spinning downward instead of staying on an even level or even moving upward.

  3. of course i have to be contrary because i just do. i think you slightly missed the point. it isn't about the present being temporary - or that this will pass. the point is that it is now and to achieve blissful awakening to the beauty of the moment. you keep writing that you are trying to live in the moment and enjoy it. that's the zen - not knowing that it will pass and not even wanting it to. letting the negative fall away and dripping in peaceful simple enjoyment of the positives.

    and there is no try. do or do not.

    and you know i'm not saying i've arrived at this. but i do have my moments. and of course now i have to write a blog about how as a single childless woman i have something to say about bliss, peace, and zen where a hundred single parents are now thinking i wish this chick would shut up cuz she has no idea...


  4. Robin,
    Our whole world is temporary. I did say I needed to take a look at the bigger picture to be thankful for what I do have, or as you said awaken to the beauty of the moment. I'm not nearly as eloquent so you might have missed it. :-) It also has nothing to do with one person's trials over another's. To each of us our trials can overbearing and suffocating. I don't compare my troubles to least not in my saner moments. They are my own. Your troubles and obstacles are no less valid because you aren't in the same situation, it doesn't work like that.

  5. Ah yes. That's it. That's what's missing right now through all the bumps and bruises. (And yes, my girls do take the brunt.)

    Zen. This moment. Its such a simple thing.

    Simple. But not easy.

  6. Amen, ccd, to your comment here.
    For your agitation, I prescribe pumpkin bread.


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