Sunday, November 02, 2008


I had to go into work Sunday afternoon this weekend. I wasn't too happy about it. Once I got in the car, rolled down the windows, and opened the sunroof that changed a little. I still wasn't happy about going to work, but I was happy driving along on a not too chilly autumn afternoon. The sun was beating down about as much as it can this time of year and my skin reveled in its lingering touch. There weren't many people on the road and at points I had it all to myself. I just enjoyed the moment.

It reminded me of another moment almost exactly seven years ago to the day. Just a few days before my separation and unceremonious launch into single parenthood. I had just spent a day in Richmond. I had, like I always did, the best time with everyone there. On the drive home the trees along the Interstate were hitting their peak colors. The sun was unseasonably warm. It was luxurious. The leaves were literally pouring off the trees. It was honestly raining leaves. I thought they were going to fall into the sunroof and fill up the truck. It was not a happy time. My mom had died in February of that year. My marriage was essentially disintegrated. But this moment, this hour and a half drive, I was happy. Brilliantly happy. Hopeful. C.S. Lewis would have said "Surprised by Joy". I wanted to capture it, so I did. I wrote out the poem below in my head and memorized it on the way.

Traveling in Fall

It was a warm Indian summer day,
As I traveled along my lonely way,
The many splendorous autumn leaves,
Were spilling from their parent trees.

Earlier and Earlier sinks the afternoon sun,
Shadows lengthen one by one,
And the Eternal Ethereal Bell,
Of the changing seasons knells.

As I watched this, I began to think,
What have I done this day, this week,
For surely I can not go back again,
For surely one day, this all will end.


  1. Beautiful! You put me right there with you with your words. Thank you for sharing!

  2. There are Fall days (and other seasonal days) that are just... magic. Despite all you were going through, this sounds like one of those drives.

    I love nice days with brilliant colors and dancing leaves.


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