Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I crossed a huge milestone today...

I got the 50th state quarter for our quarter map! I'm not even kidding. Hawaii. The search is over!! Now Brandon wants to frame the map. I agree...I don't want him trying to spend the quarters. He tried that once. He also pulled them out, mixed them up, and then put them in backwards too. I don't even begin to know why.

So, what's different. Hmmm. Nothing really. It wasn't a bad day today. Thank you all for the happy My God you're getting ancient Birthday Wishes. I really do appreciate that!

What has been happening is that I'm making a concentrated effort to eat a bit better. I recently collected a number of vegetarian and Asian cookbooks. I'm not moving towards vegetarianism, but I do like the food. My son loves Asian as much as I do. I'm looking to cook things like casseroles and stuff that I can throw in a crock pot too. I don't want to spend two hours in the kitchen every night.

Like I said yesterday, I got on a coed indoor soccer team...that will keep my Sunday mornings busy until at least March. :-)

My Christmas shopping for my son is done. :-)

I have a round trip plane ticket to go anywhere (that costs less than $400) . I have to use it before March. Salt Lake City for snowboarding is my logical choice at this time. We'll see. Marla says the snow is better in New Mexico though. I am dreaming snowboarding in Chile, New Zealand, or Australia one summer too. Also going to Alaska.

I got a few very unexpected and very special gifts today for which I am very thankful. :-)


  1. I am not sure that she ever said anything of the sort. Given what I know of her, she might have suggested CA or CO... or trying the sites of NM!! But then... I don't know her that well!

    Glad you received some fun gifts!!

    And, hope you enjoyed the rain... and there was one other thing...

    DC has a coin coming out!! You aren't done yet

  2. 8-(
    I don't have a space for a DC coin.


    You should visit She has a crockpot recipe for everyday of the year, alot of them are pretty simple and all gluten free. She also gives a verdic noting the pros/cons.... just a suggestion.


  4. I'm pretty sure we've already talked about Alaska....

    I love the Crockpot365 blog! I find that so many crockpot recipes are really hit or terrible miss, so I like that she gives the verdict. I will say that I cannot imagine using my crockpot every day for a year though...

    Glad you had a good day! Happy cooking!!!

  5. I was collecting the quarters. I had gotten 4 full sets of the 30 that were out at the time. Then one day I went ot see if I had a particular quarter.

    My soon-to-be-ex had taken them. For pop money at work.

    Another reason why he's a soon-to-be-ex.

  6. You are too cute about the quarters.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    About that crock pot comment, OMG, that's what I've been looking for. I'm not kidding: I'm getting myself a crockpot for the holidays.

    That's going to be my 2009 cooking plan. Thank you Liz!

    And here's to co-ed soccer! (As you know, it's exercise that keeps me sane, too.)

  7. Happy Birthday (slightly belated)

    Hot Tub Lizzy: What a lousy thing to do; I hope that's the last of what you you find out.

    Dishonest, sneaky, and lazy . . .now, that's a bad combo.

  8. Mike, you are such a good dad! I am glad you have a blog- I will have to catch up... and add you to my list! take care..

  9. Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes! It was uneventful...which is good. :-)

    I will certainly check out that site. I've been experimenting with a few other things recently too. I'm surprised my son liked them really.

    I'm so sorry. Many years ago I organized all my pictures by year, month, and event. I put them in ziplock bags and labeled them so that I could get around to putting them into albums. It took forever. One day I came home and my son's mom had dumped them all into a box because she need a picture of Brandon for something. I was years before I got back around to that task again.

    I'm loving the soccer even though we got toasted our first game. I need MUCH more exercise. I've been rather sedentary over the past month and half or so.

    Dr. Leah,
    Thanks for stopping by! It can be severely belated...I'm still convinced I can put it off even though it already passed!

    I didn't realize you had a blog until tonight! I've added you and you are in my reader. I hope you and Trev do well in Oregon...let me know if I can do anything for you.

  10. Happy Birthday! Sorry I haven't been around and it's so belated :(

    If you find some great (easy) Asian recipes - please share!! My son adores the flavors, but I'm a little scared to cook it. I don't really know why! I finally tried stir fry the other night and he LOVED it, but I used bottle sauce and it was waay to salty.

    Happy holidays (a little early) I will be around more often...I promise!

  11. The quarter thing is so cute!!

    I am jealous that you are done with your Christmas shopping.

    I have always dreamed of going snowboarding in Chile as well. I hear it is amazing. For your ticket, before March, go to Alaska. It is gorgeous!


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