Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A realization struck me today...

I got a phone call about playing indoor coed soccer! Woo hoo! We'll be playing at the Jewish Community Center here. I am very excited. The team organizer said that we have a good mix, but not everyone can make it to a lot of the games. They need more women too. He then went on to say that he was in his late thirties and described the mix of the other players.

That was when the realization struck. I am only in my late thirties for the next few hours. At midnight I am in my early forties.

However...my super hero power is procrastination! I would work on a way to put off my early forties, but I can do that later.



  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!

  2. well, wait were you actually born at midnight? cuz you could legally put it off til whenever you were born. unless you're adopted like me and have no clue when you were born, and therefore you can just not even celebrate until you absolutely feel compelled to!

    happy happy birthday baby ;)

  3. HA! Welcome to club, my friend. It's not that much different...though you'll tire out quicker, the really good foods become tough to eat and you'll be a little more sarcastic.

    Nice to have you joining the rest of us. Have a great birthday!

  4. Happy birthday to you!!!

    Enjoy your day!


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