Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I really have a lot to say...

But I don't feel like writing it all out right now. :-(

Instead, I've been reading through all of I'm at 140. It takes a while. I am paralyzed with paroxysms of laughter at each one.

Here are two I read that is a poignant reminder of what it is to become very close to someone and see them go.


  1. Gosh I could so totally relate to both of those...

  2. Are you sure you don't need a vacation? or at least a mind vacation?

  3. Great blog.

    I just took a two hours statistics final today, so seeing this here seems like some crazy kind of cruel kismet, but I have to admit, these are funny! I'll pop over to the XKCD site once I clear my mind some from the post exam clutter that needs dumping. Thanks for sharing, I needed a giggle tonight.


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