Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A little odd...maybe even is part of the name for my blog. You cannot say you did not have some warning.

When faced with the prospect of being without my son for a few hours, or days, or weeks I get a bit of mania. I feel driven. I am up late (like 2am), up early (6am), and try to fill each moment. That happened the last two days. Even at 9pm when my eyes were dried out, I did not feel like I could stay awake another moment, something catches my attention, and I am off again. I cannot really concentrate, so I just move from thing to thing not really getting anything done. Seems like there is so much to do. I know it cannot all be done. I prioritize, but that gets re-arranged constantly.

A catnap for 10-15mins just restarts me. At midnight I'm trying to read Brave New World and the words just swim around the page, my eyes burn, but for some reason I am driven. I woke up at 5am and just start again. I have to clean my house and get several things done today. Tomorrow I am going to head to Richmond to spend some time with my friends there. Friday is snowboarding and maybe more time in Richmond. Saturday is bike riding, and Saturday night is a friend's birthday party....rockstar style. Sunday may be bike riding and rock climbing.

In the back of my mind is work. Security metrics. Problem sets. Processes that need to be fixed, or created (Sheesh, there are lots of both). The endless procurement circus. That list only grows from there.

Next week is more of the same. Two days of work, snowboarding, New Years, business trip to Maryland on Friday, snowboarding Saturday maybe, back Sunday for my son to come home.

In a word...Mania.


  1. When my girls are gone it's the exact opposite... I chill... a lot... probably too much.

  2. WOW. Take it easy there Cowboy.

    You need some rest too. Take care of yourself.

    Enjoy your Christmas. Make it at least... Merry Mania?


  3. I guess that answers my 'what do you do' question! Let's is Sunday, so that means you were outside all day? Hope you are eating well so you don't end up sick after all this activity!

    We have been trying to organize the house and get ready for the new year. I have lots of goals for the upcoming year, but must do a little prep if I'm going to be successful!

    Hope this mania has been fun, and not too exhausting!


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