Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Changes and more changes...

Changing some pictures and stuff on the blog.  Let me know what you think, but only as long as you like it.  :-)  I am not a HTML, CSS, JAVA person, but I play (hunt) around for what I want and sometimes come out with something that is close enough.  The background image here is one of those things.  I created a collage in Google's Picasa, basically making a border down each side of the page, but the HTML somewhere here said to tile the thing.  So it did, and what was right is left, left is right, and where there were two are four.  I'll keep looking at it.  The previous picture was a mountain at Snowbird in Utah.

I figure, since I am moving furniture and stuff all over the house now prepping for the end of summer and the wedding, I might as well move this around too.

The invitations have all been sent out.  Procrastination is my super power, so you probably have no idea what this really means in terms of my world.  It is more than significant.  Especially considering the fact that I do not write ANYTHING with pen or pencil, and I almost NEVER put anything in the mail.  Both border on phobia levels for me.  SGG has been very concerned that she will never see my handwriting.  I'm serious.  :-)  I also don't have anyone's postal address, just their email.  SGG was not amused when I hinted about just scanning the invite and emailing it out.  Nope, not one bit.  So with minimal foot stomping, addresses were collected and invites were sent.

Now, I feel rather vindicated in the scan and email idea, since we have had two people so far think that the RSVP email address we put in there was an evite and couldn't navigate to the site.  :-)

I am sure someone may try to video conference the event with their cell phone, but they are own their own if they do.  I certainly am not planning to.

Other changes have included getting all the pictures from my previous residence hung on the walls here.  We can't do them all (I had a lot), but we are filling up the place.  Also, technology has exploded around SGG.  She said she woke up one night and the whole house was humming.  Gigabit ethernet, servers, workstations, laptops, wireless-N, droids, etc....She has learned how to work the media center pc, pulling up TV, movies, blu-ray, and netflix.  Netflix has become the center of our relationship.  In an effort to keep her up later, we started watching Dexter.  We are totally "wrapped" up in it.  Dexter "captivates" us.  It entertains us to "death".  What a great show.

All in all, things are moving along very well.  My son comes home Saturday morning.  :-)  Who knows what will happen after that.


  1. And what about the bird?? I believe there was a bird to hang out with that new cat and all those boys?

    Glad to hear you are happy!

  2. Exception, I wish, I really really wish that the bird was still with us. However, it is probably better for everyone that he is not. The cat is awesome, but she would have not stopped until she had finished off that bird. Her instincts could not be subverted, not at this point. :-)


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