Monday, August 16, 2010

I am a facebook fake, and a twitter twit....


I've turned off chat in facebook.  I have locked down all my settings to friends only (or at least I did several weeks ago).  I have removed a few "friends".  I don't play ANY facebook games, poke, or anything else.  I rarely log in, and I seldom run through the huge list of updates.  At most I get through 24-48 hours worth.  It is rare that I ever even look at anyone's profile.  I have managed to become almost anti-social on the worlds biggest social networking site.  I don't know whether that is a good or bad thing.  I am a facebook fake.

Twitter I found useful for just a couple of things.  One is there are two accounts that give updates for the City of Virginia Beach, and another that gives updates for traffic in Hampton Roads.  I follow them and a few single parents and that is about it.  The only thing I do less than updating facebook is tweeting on twitter.  I am a twitter  twit.

You could say I am following suit with my blog, but I like my blog.  I like being able to type more than a few lines of text for an update.  I don't know how many people find my blog through my facebook profile, but I would guess very few.  Actually, I have those statistics in google analytics for the most part.  I don't post updates to the blog on facebook though.  Sometimes on I am doing with this post.  But, since I don't really cover really juicy topics here, just the fun things we do, does that make me a bland blogger?  :-)  If you made it this far into the post, I am so sorry.  I love sentences and words, and I love putting them together.  I love rhymes and writing poems, but more than all that I love alliteration.  I am always an all-out alliterer.  Even if I have to make cruddy crap up to get there.


  1. Fun! I don't blame you at all. I find that as I become more content with my real life and close friends, the less I play in the computer world...

    Be who you are.

  2. You are a blog brat. I am not sure if I said congrats or not, but congrats to all of you on your soon to be marriage and family!

  3. Texas T, :-) be here now, be who you are. You could start something with that!

    Maggie, we were just talking about you last night after volleyball! :-) You and your family are really missed here!

  4. That's really nice of you all!! I miss the beach, the sports and you all so very much!

  5. Fake Facebook? Bland Blogger? Cruddy Crap? Awesome Alliteration!!

    I also play it minimalist on FB, and prefer Twitter. Very different tools, very different uses. Different strokes I guess, as the saying goes.

  6. BLW, You use all your tools really well!


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