Monday, August 09, 2010

A letter from my mom....

On Saturday July 31, 2010 I received a letter from my mom.  Probably not too remarkable until you consider that she died from lung cancer February 7, 2001.  SGG was going through the cookbooks I was putting into the yard sale and found this sheet of paper.  She started asking me about the letter, but I didn't know anything about it.  I looked at the sheet of paper and I couldn't believe it.  It is a short letter, and more of  a poem than a letter really.  I don't know when she wrote it, and I don't know if she ever intended me to see it.   I can't tell you how often I have a question and I reach for the phone, my mom's number flashes through my head, and I realize I can't call her. I had been wondering what my mom would say about the impending marriage, and what she would say about SGG.  I can't describe how awesome it was to get a message from my mom and get to share it with SGG and the rest of my family.

Here it is below:

To my son, [Crazy Computer Dad]
When I became a parent,
I was overwhelmed with love.
I was such a proud parent,
and thanked the stars above!
When I became your parent
you were the greatest gift to me.
watching you learn to walk and talk,
you were such a joy to see!
And now you are a parent,
and this I must confide,
I still count my blessings daily,
for my gifts have multiplied.

All my love, Mom.


  1. how strange it is we find things when our loved one's have left, us behind. Recently I was given a photo album, my mom had sent my Aunt her wedding pictures...the only one's my mom did not burn. And other pictures of us kids growing up, I hope you frame the poem what nice suprise to find.

  2. My mom was telling about this recently and I have been waiting for your to post it. It is kind of ironic that this letter/poem was just found. Perfect timing perhaps?

    I really miss your mom, my aunt. I know we all do.


  3. Summer, I know that when my marriage ended, I really wanted to get rid of a lot of pictures, but I kept everything just because I knew it would mean a lot to my son one day. I am so glad I did.

    Ginny, It feels like perfect timing. It would have been fantastic to find at anytime, but now especially. :-)


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