Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is in a name?

I'm trying out some new names and descriptions, so you may see some changes over the next few weeks...

I think we are finally finished with the old house I was renting.  I have said goodbye to all my neighbors.  I will miss them.

We are getting settled in to SGG's house.  We nearly have all the boxes emptied.  We are going to buy a shed for stuff.  The garage is overflowing with stuff.  We have stuff that needs to go up in the attic.  We surely are over stuffed.  This is after two yard sales, several trips to thrift stores to offload stuff, and several trips to the dump.

We have been putting up pictures.  You would be surprised how many I have to put up.  We have been re-arranging stuff.

SGG has been getting used to some new sights, sounds, and smells...and I have also to be fair about it.

Things have been so busy, but we are hoping things settle down soon.

I skipped 150 pages of my piano book and started learning Pachelbel's Canon.  I didn't mean to, but the wind blew the pages to it one day and I started banging it out.  I think everyone is tired of hearing it now, but I need to smooth it all out.  Maybe when I have it done I'll record it and play it here.  I may have to record and play it in sections.  :-)

And just in case you did see that the title and description changed and you read worries about the cat.  In fact, I have few stories about that ferocious feline to tell you...but a little later.

edited to add:
I also meant to put in a plug for craigslist.  I have a practically new washer and dryer that I bought when I moved back to Virginia Beach four years ago.  Think about it, how much laundry does a single guy and his son really do?  So I put them on craigslist around 11am Saturday morning and they were gone by 2:30pm.  I have previously purchased one thing through craigslist, my primary camera lens for my Nikon.  What a really cool service.  I know, I'm not telling anyone anything they didn't already know.


  1. We're looking at the new world of co-parenting and all that good stuff. We decided to use the trendy term "bonus-dad" and "bonus-brother" just because of the disnification of the "evil step parent" thing...

  2. Lizzy, I love the "Bonus" idea. So much better and brilliant!


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