Thursday, May 15, 2008

Signs of desire...

No. Not that kind of desire.

A friend emails an apple Macbook advertisement to me today saying "I think it is a sign from God."

Me: "No. It is not a sign from God. It is an advertisement from Apple."



    ~Steve Jobs

  2. casa,
    burning bushes, plagues, graffiti, bleeding statues, and such are signs from God. Over 90% of email is spam, and spam is from malicious demon type beings from Hell. A very small percentage are from entities we actually do business with. The rest are from the angels we have watching over us (ie our friends). In your case, your angel is telling you that you have received a message from Satan, not from God. Choosing to believe in free will versus predestination the angel cannot stop you from answering Satan's call, but has warned you. :-)

    From the Buddhist perspective you are craving a material thing, which has taken you from the path to enlightenment to the path of being reincarnated as an apple tree.


    Ok I need coffee NOW.


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