Tuesday, February 17, 2009

....and the 80's

just a bit of nothingness really. For some reason I've been on an 80's kick the last few days. It started with really wanting to hear the Talking Heads, especially Pscho Killer. My iPod has an 80's auto-populated playlist. In the car I just hit that and hit random on the radio. It's been fun. I quiz my son, "Who's this?" "Who's that?". He can pick out Rush, The Cure, and the Talking Heads just about every time now. :-) poor kid.


  1. Woohoo! All great songs!!

    My little one's new favorite song is Shock the Monkey by Peter Gabriel. She sings along..."Chocolate Monkey, CHOCOLATE MONKEY!"

    Pretty darn cute.

  2. whaddya mean poor kid??? that sounds like a damn fine start to his musical education. fa fa fa fa far better.

  3. I agree with Robin! Ain't nothin' wrong with the artists you mentioned from the decade that made them popular!

    I crack up when I tell my son... "Listen, it's David Bowie," and he knows to respond with "The thin white duke..."

    We teach what we know, right?


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