Sunday, February 01, 2009

Caching, Slashing, and Dashing....

Saturday Brandon and I went on some cool geocaches. What was different was that we had to follow some trails that are not marked nor documented. :-) I don't think Brandon understood until we got out there.

We didn't get very far before we discovered something really super cool. Virginia Beach has hills.

Except for a few other spots I would have said no way. But there they were. Hidden amongst the seldom traveled forest of the park we were in. It seems as though the trail back there is really only known to a few. To me, that is really exciting as the park we were in is full of people ALL the time.

We did two caches Saturday and started a third, but we didn't realize it was a multi-cache and so missed the fact that it could be a micro-cache to begin with.

It was 38 degrees outside and Brandon insisted on wearing shorts. This time I just let him.

Today we went back to explore that new to us trail late in the afternoon. At first I wanted to find the micro first stage of the multicache. When I walked up to the tree I thought it would be in a man walked up and started talking to me. We talked for a little while about the weather today (60+ degrees at that point). He mentioned Geocaching for my son and I. I told him we do and that we had just done a couple yesterday. He asked which ones and we told him. Turns out he is the one that hid them! He is also a volunteer in the park which may explain how he knows about the other undocumented trails.

Brandon found a nice walking stick for me...and he already had one that he found yesterday. We were off into the forest at a bit of a run. I saw and ran over to a downed tree that made a bit of a ramp as it was stuck between two other trees. Thus began the slashing and dashing. With our sticks we battled it out on the log. Leaping over branches, striking, trying to get the other to fall. Brandon stepped on a side branch for leverage and went crashing into the under brush when it snapped under his weight. :-) I fell after him laughing.

We continued running through the trail jumping, slashing, and sliding. We found that running down the hills and stopping suddenly on the pine straw lets you slide quite nicely! We found a spot where there were a ton of pine cones. We tossed them in the air and hit them with our sticks like a primitive form of baseball. Some just exploded. The trees caught the rest. We raced up the hills and back down again. It was awesome.


  1. What a fun dad! I love how he brings out the boy in you. Wonderful photos again, as usual!

  2. T,
    Thanks. I just try to give him a taste of things I did as a kid, and a whole bunch of other things. I figure I'll see what catches his imagination and what doesn't. Then let him make his choices from there.


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