Monday, March 16, 2009

Disgusting doesn't even begin to describe it....

I really don't know what the deal is, but my son has been gorging himself lately...when he is not under my supervision. I'm all for him eating more. The problem is that he is eating junk food, candy, etc.

The end result of which is he throws it up the next morning.

Again, not too big of a deal. I figure he'll learn or just get sick of the crud he is consuming, except, this past Saturday morning he vomited something way beyond foul into his BED. I'm already not pleased with having to address the issue at 5am on Saturday. I do not do to well around puke in general. This however was at a whole new level for me. Three times I tried to enter the room, and three times I was half a second away from becoming a secondary contributor. I'm not even sure I had anything to contribute, but I was certainly in danger of trying.

I had to knock the smell down somehow. Here is what I did. I went looking for an odor neutralizer, but found the Lysol. It did the trick. I sprayed it into the doorway of his room and took tentative steps in. So far so good. I kept up the tactic and doused whatever foul mixture exploded from my son's stomach. I then wrapped the whole thing up in the sheet and sped off to the washing machine. I'm not even going to try to bring his pillow back. Toxic Waste at this point.

So if you find yourself in this spot, and I sincerely hope you don't, Lysol or some strong odor neutralizer should get you to where you can take care of the problem without becoming part of the problem.


  1. Yuck!!! I don't like puke either. But you handles that one well, soldier. Have a great day!!!

  2. Wow! Ah the joys of parenthood...

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  5. yum!!!! Its fun isn't it!!! I just found your blog & just spent over an hour reading it! Very refreshing, I love reading blogs but was tiring quickly of moms talking about crafting! Yours is much more thoughtful...thnx for sharing! Kimberly (


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