Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fun, Sun, and more....

Saturday was awesome. Saturday was warm. Saturday was sunny. Saturday we went to Richmond :-)

This story is mostly in pictures....and it is lengthy.

Our first stop was here:
The Virginia Aviation Museum
The museum has the COOLEST dioramas.

There are some fun interactive features this Piper Brandon is in...
Or the flight simulator Brandon and John are playing (there are actually 3-4 of these there).

And Michael is exploring the planes on display inside.There is much more inside, engines, planes, a helicopter, models, etc. You have to go and see it!
Outside there is a F-14 Tomcat and a SR-71 Blackbird.

Chris and Michael in front of the SR-71. Worlds fastest jet. There are too many cool facts about this plane to tell here.After the museum we meandered over to Belle Isle in downtown Richmond, on the James River. You get to the island by suspended bridge, but the island was closed. With the snow this week we think there was a chance of flooding. However, there were plenty of geocaches to find on the north bank of the river. Plus there is a Civil War museum.

There were all kinds of things to climb on, rocks to jump about on, and we found three geocaches. Two micros and one ghost cache. If the trees had been in bloom it would have been prettier, but it was a fantastic day overall. The boy LOVED it. There was so much to see, do, and explore.

This was our ghost cache. A ghost cache is one where you just log that you were at the spot. This one was titled 'To bind up the Nations wounds". Abraham Lincoln came to Richmond just after the Confederate Army surrendered, to see the devastation of Richmond. Three days later he was assassinated.
The museum at this spot is fantastic. They have a cool spot with post it notes where you can write something and leave it there. :-)

We took so many more cool pictures, but I'm not going to show them all here. If you get a chance, Richmond is well worth a visit!

I have some friends in Richmond, but couldn't get any to come out and play with us! Maybe next time. Sunday was recovery from Saturday and the daylight savings time change. Nice to have another hour of daylight in the afternoon.


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